Rollercoaster Ride to the All-Star Break

So the Mets lost to the San Francisco Giants tonight. Facing pitcher number three of seven All-Star pitchers in a row (tonight's draw was Tim Lincecum), The Mets scored in the first, but were unable to plate anymore runs, while their defense allowed the Giants to score essentially the winning runs in the first inning as well.

I really shouldn't be complaining. The fact that they've even managed to stay around .500 is impressive enough, given that their opening day infield (save one) is on the disabled list. The guys filling in are adequate, but guys like Ruben Tejada shows management (and the fans) why Jose Reyes is not only missed while hurt, but that he needs to be re-signed when his contract is up at the end of the season. There's a Twitter hash tag that is #paytheman.

The All-Star break is a time for the media, bloggers, and fans to look at the first part of the season and either go, "Wow, are guys are good," or to quote "Major League", "They're shitty."

General Managers take the time to think the same thing. If it's the "good" assessment, then they'll try to get guys from GM's who've realized their roster is "shitty". I don't envy the choices that Mets GM Sandy Alderson has ahead of him. They aren't "good" or "shitty". They're at the crossroad that isn't marked, that has no map, and certainly doesn't give Alderson any clue as to the destination. No matter what decision he makes, he risks the ire of either the New York Media, the fans, or both.

If he doesn't think they can make (at least) the Wild Card, and trades guys like Carlos Beltran or Frankie Rodriguez, and effectively guts the roster, he's admitting defeat, and calling into question whether or not the Wilpons wouldn't have been better off with Alderson's predecessor. If he stands pat, then he not only risks the same questions, but also looks like he's not trying. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I'm hoping that he's a buyer, rather than a seller. If Reyes, David Wright, and Ike Davis all come back healthy, Alderson should try to get a starting pitcher, and move the ineffective Mike Pelfrey, especially since it seems to me that Johan Santana isn't going to be pitching in 2011. But, as always, we'll see.

I guess I should congratulate Derek Jeter on his 3000 hits. He's the second player to get it with a homerun (Wade Boggs being the first), and the second player to go 5 for 5 at the plate in a game that features the 3k hit (Craig Biggio the first one on that list). But, Jeter is the first guy to do both. Now, I'm not a Yankees fan (which understates how much I dislike them), but I'm enough of a baseball fan to realize that even without 3000 hits, Jeter's place in Cooperstown is all but a lock.