Regicider: A Success Story

Saturday was The Day; Kevin and I were presenting the Regicider to Amy and Jon. We were both apprehensive. We both were hoping they liked it. I'm not really sure why I was worried, because I know that they both enjoy ciders, and the drier the better.

Amy and Jon

Of course, we had to wait until they were "off duty" to present it to them. As part of their new duties as Heads of State, they had to attend meetings, eat dinner, and attend the dance. But, once that was all over, and the kids put to bed, the crowns came off, and it was cider time.

The owners of the camping site where this event took place usually prohibit alcohol on the property. However, because of their long standing relationship with our organization, they did allow an area where consumption was allowed. The area was roped off, and any beverage for the over 21 crowd could only be consumed in the "tavern".

As they approached, Kevin went and fetched Amy, and brought her over to where I was standing inside the "tavern". He explained that it was time for them to try their gift. Jon was fetched, and after locating an opener (the lack of which on our part gives me a perpetual face palm), I poured a sample for each. 

I knew the moment that Amy took a sip, and gave a sheepish grin, and held out her drinking vessel that we nailed it. Jon had just finished a Diet Coke, so it took him another couple of sips to realize the flavor. We told them that there was more where that come from, and that it was now theirs to do with as they please. They asked that we share it with those in the tavern area that wished to try it. I should mention here that Kevin, being the proud brewer that he is, dislikes the fact that Americans refer to cider with an alcoholic content as "hard cider". Ours is the only culture that refers to it that way.

This meant that I had to dust off my herald's voice. After getting everyone's attention, I made the following speech:

"My Lords and my Ladies, my friend Hakkon and I have made a hard cider (turns to Kevin and say "sorry") as a gift for Their Majesties. It is Their wish that it be shared with all that wish to try it. I must caution that this hard cider (sorry, Hakkon) is a little more potent than the types of hard cider (sorry, Hakkon), and it is very dry."

I had many takers, and all seemed to enjoy it. I managed to pour four of the twelve 22 ounce bottles before too long. Naturally, I had to sample a bit of it, and because we had chilled it in a cooler with ice and water, it seemed a bit smoother to me. Kevin felt that some of the flavor was inhibited, and I can't disagree as the flavor did seem to blossom as it warmed in my mug.

It was not much later that we had to leave. We were tired, and were staying at a hotel that's a few miles from the campsite. On the way to the hotel, Kevin and I began to plan what we were going to do for an encore.