Photography and the Beach


I took the photo above when I was at Jekyll Island four years ago. I was at a work related conference, and I had awakened early that morning. I had brought my camera to the conference, not because I wanted to take pictures of the people I was there with (I only really knew a few of them, actually), but because I was going to be on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Why is that important? Because living around Atlanta, you're hundreds of miles from the ocean. While I've lived in Georgia most of my life, I lived in New Jersey for a number of years, and was only ten minutes from the ocean. There's something that reaches my soul when I look at the waves crashing on the beach, particularly after a storm, and the waves are more violent.

There are days when I miss the ocean. I love the smell of the salt air, and the wind coming from off the water. I miss the spray of the crashing waves, the feel of sand between my toes, the pathetic attempts not to burn my feet walking on the hot sand, and the relief of the water cooling them off as the first of many waves wash over them.

And oh yeah, I love photography. I have a decent Olympus point and shoot camera. It's not the greatest camera, and it's certainly no match against an SLR with multiple lenses, but I manage to coax shots like the above out of it. If you go to my page, the background image is a photo that I took about ten minutes after this one, when the sun broke through the clouds, announcing its presence "with authority". I'm proud of my photography. When I do manage to get an SLR again, I look forward to improving my photographic eye. 

The one great thing about digital photography is that you aren't wasting film taking "bad" pictures. You can keep taking shots, and selecting the ones you like, and deleting the crap. I don't do a lot of deletions, unless they're really horrid shots. I like to keep some to remind myself what I was doing when I took the photo, and what I need to keep in mind moving forward.

In case you're curious, you can see more of my photography on Flickr. The pictures are Creative Commons licensed, so feel free to use them, as long as you don't charge anyone for them, and I get credit as the photographer.