Podcasting, Regicider, and Baseball

I had actually planned to post something every day this week, but I ended up using most of Tuesday recording Leveling Azeroth, and work and other things distracted me Wednesday and Thursday. 

So, the New York Mets last night started a stretch of seven games where they will face seven starting pitchers who are on this year's All-Star game roster. The Elias Sports Bureau reports that the Mets are the first team to ever have this happen (assuming that the pitching rotations stay aligned). I've been joking on Twitter that Elias was created by people who have consistently lost bar bets, so now they can create bets that they know they can win.

The Regicider project is moving along nicely. Kevin and I went to a local brewing supply shop to get some sugar to kick start the carbonation process. There are a couple of different methods of carbonation, apparently. One way is to bottle the product, and add what can be best described as "lemon drop" type pellets of sugar into the bottle. Another (and the method we're using) is to have loose sugar, and use a measured amount in the entirety of the mixture, and then bottle.

Looking at the two packages, the pellets were priced around $4. Kevin chose the loose sugar, and was expecting to pay slightly less. Neither one of us expected the actual price of the five ounces of sugar to be (with tax) $.91! Less than a dollar! Fortunately for the shop owner, Kevin had exact change, because putting less than a dollar on either a debit or credit card would have cost the shop owner more in fees from his processor more that the value of the sugar. Needless to say, we were both pleased.