Hail to the King, Baby!


My friend Kevin is in his rookie year of brewing. His love of beer, and exposure to the brewing culture in the SCAKingdom of Caid led him to take up the hobby.

My Sister in Law and her husband, also in the SCA locally (Kingdom of Meridies), have become Heirs to the Throne. Neither of them are beer drinkers, but enjoy hard ciders. Kevin and I decided that as a present for their Coronation, that we should make them a cider. Since neither one of us can resist puns, we agreed that it should be called “Regicider”.

Last Saturday, we started the process of turning some Trader Joe’s McIntosh Apple Cider into the Regicider. Kevin details the process here. I have to say, that I’m looking forward to the end product. Not just because I can gift my in-laws, but because the cider smelled good in its virgin form, so barring any disasters, it should turn out to be quite tasty!