Getting ready for Dragon*Con

With Dragon*Con just five days away, the last thing I should be doing right now is writing a blog entry. I should be packing, I should be getting my Utilikilt out and ironing the hem (one of the only downsides of having a denim style, btw), and gathering all the things that I think I'll need in order to survive one of the largest Sci-Fi and pop-culture conventions in North America. Heck, If nothing else, I should be getting ready to go to work!

I am looking forward to this coming weekend. It's the one vacation that I take from work that I must take. Out of the last 24 conventions, I've probably missed a handful, and only one of those was because my job put one over on me. (I really only missed the last day of the convention, but my boss at the time was trying to prove that she was in charge, when she really had no reason to schedule me the day that she did. To make matters worse, she gave me the next day off!)

As a podcaster, I'm naturally looking forward to the Podcasting track. As a WoW player, I'm looking forward to some of the panels of the MMORPG track. As a geek in general, I'm looking forward to hanging out with 40,000 or so of my fellow geeks (at least the ones who bathe, anyway).

I like the fact that this year I can finally say that there's an app for the convention, and it's pretty cool. I snagged it a week ago, and have been torturing my friends over the fact that I was able to get it for the few hours it was available. It's since been released in a "final" form. 

If you're going to the Con, I hope to see you there. I'll probably be tweeting what panels I'm attending, lamenting the ones I can't get to, and trying not to make those of you who can't attend this year (not too) jealous of the fact that you aren't there.