End of the Season…The End of an Era?

In a few hours, I'll be at Turner Field, watching my favorite team, the New York Mets, probably lose to the Atlanta Braves. This is a (for me) a make up game from when I tried to go on my birthday back in April. The composition of the team has changed a lot since then.

Ike Davis: out for the season with a bad ankle

Chris Young, shoulder surgery, out for the season

Carlos Beltran, traded to the Giants

Francisco Rodriguez, traded to the Brewers

Chin-lung Hu, optioned to oblivion

Daniel Murphy, knee surgery, torn ACL

Some of these changes weren't bad. Hu sucked at the 2B position, and "K-Rod" became the latest closer to suffer the wrath of New York fans. His getting arrested for assault didn't endear him to the Mets' faithful. 

It also lead to the promotion of Justin Turner, Jason Pridie, Ruben Tejada, and Lucas "The Dude" Duda (oh, I can't wait for the organist to play "Camptown Races" tonight, UGH!). They've shown that former GM Omar Minaya wasn't a total waste of the Wilpon's money.

But thanks to the Wilpon's trusting Ponzi-king Bernie Madoff with their fortune, the Mets had to part ways with Beltran and Rodriquez. Both were going to be nearly impossible to re-sign, so jettisoning them, while getting something (we fans hope) in return will pay off down the road. Which leads me to Jose Reyes.

Tonight may very well be the last time I see Reyes rocking the number 7 for the Mets. He's in the final days of his contract, and on his way to winning the National League batting title. If he does, his already over the top value will put more zeros on a new contract. I'm hoping that I'm wrong, but I seriously doubt that Reyes will re-sign with the team. What does that mean? Well, as Reyes goes, so go the Mets. When he gets on base and scores, the Mets are more likely to win than when he doesn't. He's a good hitter (see above), an above average fielder, and when healthy, an absolute menace on the basepaths. He makes pitcher's nervous, causing balks, bad throws, and mistake pitches to hitters because he's distracting them.

I'm really going to hate to see him go, but as long as he doesn't land with either the Braves or the Phillies (most unlikely on the latter, but one never knows), I won't have a problem cheering for him in any game he plays. Except the Mets, naturally.